3 Reasons Why You Need a Financial Coach

Are you having trouble balancing your budget or getting out of debt? Good news, there's hope.

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Imagine you're training for a triathlon. It's one of the hardest athletic events in the world. It involves biking, running, and swimming all in the same day. Most triathletes rarely train for something like this by themselves. They get a team or a coach in their corner to train for each part of the race . This helps athletes run faster, swim smoother and bike harder.

Being physically fit is similar to being financially fit. And the best way to get fit is to have somebody training YOU to build the money muscle. That's where a financial coach comes in. As the owner of Prosperity Concierge in Reno, I'm here to help get your finances into shape and set you up for financial freedom.

What is a financial coach?

Many ask; what does a financial coach do? Basically, financial coaches work as your instructor and advocate, helping to set up your short and long-term financial goals.

Many people are apprehensive to reach out for help when it's their money. It is a personal topic and often involves many emotions. It can be tough, but recovering from debt and building wealth is easy when you have the right team.

If you're not sure about how to save, learn about investing or balance a budget - that's where I come in. Here are just a few tips to ease your mind on why you should consider using us as your next financial team:

1) Helping you save more and spend less

The goal here is to work together. Let's say you want to go over your budget for the next month or you're having trouble saving 15% of your paycheck. Financial coaches want to make sure you're setting clear goals and have visibility over your finances.

I like to meet with clients when it's convenient for THEM. We meet for coffee or wherever they feel most comfortable to go over their expenses. I want to make sure we set goals that help you put more in the piggy bank and know where every dollar is going throughout your budget.

2) Coaches get you out of debt faster

Debt can be crippling. The mere thought of looming payments and increasing interest rates can cause anxiety and panic. Many of us have experienced spending frenzies, new accounts, compulsive buying, and risky investment behavior. Everyone makes mistakes and we are here to help teach you how to avoid them. Here's the good news: there is a way to become debt-free!

Prosperity Concierge will help you list out all your debts to help you tackle each one with long-term solutions. Paying off debt is great, but learning to stay out of debt is priceless. Debt management may be stressful - but a financial coach wants to show you there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Not only do we help manage your debt, but we can help improve your credit score and manage your expenses to prevent having to use those accounts.

3) Lessons for the present - and the future

Again, financial coaches are like teachers. At Prosperity Concierge we want to help you develop the skills to pay off debt and stay debt-free. Give us a call today, we're here to give you a roadmap to your future.

Wealth building begins with breaking old habits and creating positive new ones. For coaches, we want to push you to saving that extra change, not being scared to look at your checking account, and passing the lessons on to those in your circle to create generational wealth and healthy buying behavior.

Ready to get somebody in your corner?

We know how important accurate financial management is for growing wealth. If you invest your time with us, the return will come in more than a rising bank account and credit score. You will gain knowledge you can take with you through life and retirement.

Christine Matlock is a local Reno bookkeeper and financial coach who’s proficient in handling business expenses, creating budgets, using QuickBooks, and developing financial confidence. See how she can help your business improve its bottom line! Connect with her today!

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