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Christine Matlock is the owner and founder of Prosperity Concierge, with much experience being a Reno bookkeeper, financial coach, and business owner. As a small business owner, she understands how difficult it can be to balance your time to get everything done - especially when you’re spending the majority of your time struggling with taxes, bookkeeping, and other financial responsibilities. Thanks to Christine’s experience as an owner of a local electric company, she’s proficient in handling business expenses, creating budgets, using QuickBooks, and developing her financial confidence. Small business bookkeeping is her specialty! With financial planning services, Christine can also assist small businesses like hers that are eager to improve their financial stability and success.

Our Mission and Goals

Our mission is to help small business owners gain back time doing what they love, while having confidence in their finances to be successful. Our main goal is simple when it comes to small business bookkeeping and financial planning services. We want to see small businesses in our community succeed and grow. To see this happen, we plan to do a few things. The first is to make use of our Reno bookkeeper and help business owners improve and grow their bottom line while helping them reduce their spending. The second is to be a guide and financial coach that helps businesses determine how money should be spent and on what resources with our Reno consulting services.

At Prosperity Concierge, our financial professionals strives to help local businesses and entrepreneurs become financially fit and successful so they can focus on other important business aspects.

What Sets Our Financial Professionals Apart

Customizable Services

Our services at Prosperity Concierge are customizable to meet your needs. Whether you need someone to run errands for you or make your travel arrangements, we can help.

Strong Communication

Christine believes in the importance of building relationships with clients, which starts with strong communication. That’s why communication is her top priority for quality Reno consulting. 

Reliable, Quality Advisory

Unlike other local bookkeepers and accountants in Reno, NV, we strive to help you understand the numbers and finances with our quality bookkeeping services that will help you achieve success and prosperity.

Financial Coaching in Reno

We also offer online or in-person sessions where we establish a healthy relationship with money management, create a budget, modify behaviors, pay off debt, and build your wealth. Personal development and growth are things that our professional financial coach feels everyone should prioritize, and managing your personal finances is a great way to start. Our Reno financial coach will teach you the proper methods of money management and empower you to become a financially confident individual, capable of creating your wealth and fortune.
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